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    The annual NorthCoast 99 awards event was held on September 18, and it recognized all 99 award-winning organizations through a night of entertainment, keynote speakers, and inspiring stories.

    Event Details

    On the evening of September 18, ERC’s NorthCoast 99 program celebrated two decades of honoring best Northeast Ohio workplaces for top talent.

    The 1920s-themed awards event drew nearly 900 guests to the Hilton Cleveland Downtown to recognize “Roaring Workplaces” for their exemplary human resource practices.

    Early in the magical, Gatsby-inspired evening, the halls of the Hilton filled with post-Prohibition celebrants adorned in feathered headpieces, boas, pearls, fedoras, and other festive period attire. Honorees, sponsors, and special guests mingled in dazzling reception spaces and playfully posed for photo booth pictures and roaming cameras.

    "Such a high-energy, high-quality production sends a great message to the community."

    Past Events

    This invitation-only event draws nearly 1,000 business leaders from around Northeast Ohio. Attendees range from CEO’s of the region’s leading organizations to business and HR leaders from each winning organization.

    Photos from past events: nc99event.com
    Video from past events: 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012

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    Other NorthCoast 99 Events Throughout the Year:

    "What It Takes To Win"

    Each year prior to launching the NorthCoast 99 application, we hold a series of "What It Takes To Win" events for applicants. At these events we share helpful hints for understanding and completing the application, and we discuss the importance of Top Performers in the workplace.

    Focus Groups and Marketing Events

    Throughout the year, we also hold special events for NorthCoast 99 winners and applicants, including focus groups and events related to building and branding a great workplace. If you’re interested in having an ERC representative coming to one of your organization’s events, please contact us at nc99@yourERC.com.

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